Cheap Car Rent Boston

If you're planning a trip to Boston, there are several websites you can check to find a cheap rental car:


Before you use their website to search for a rental car, click the Special Offers tab in the site's menu bar. On this page, you will see specials like:

  • $50 Savings: Get $50 off when you rent a vehicle from their Adrenaline Collection
  • Free Day of Rental: Not only can you accumulate rewards by joining their loyalty program, but they will kick off the perks by giving you a free day of rental when you sign up.
  • One Free Day of Holiday Rental: If you rent for at least three days near a major holiday like Halloween, you can get one of the days for free.
  • Underage Driver Discount: Although people between the age of 20 and 24 are used to having a lot of trouble renting a car, Hertz actually makes the process easier by offering a $25 coupon.
  • $35 Off: If you rent for a weekend or a week, you can use this offer to knock $35 off your total


This website allows you to find cheap rental cars from multiple companies with just one search. On their homepage, click the Car radio button. If you're flying into Boston, simply type it into the Pick-Up box. You can then enter the dates of your trip. If you want a specific type of car, you can select it in the corresponding box. Otherwise, you can leave that box with No Preference selected. If you want Expedia to find the widest selection of results, change the Rental Car Company box from Preferred Vendors to All Vendors. You can then press the yellow Search for Cars button.

The next page will display all of the cars that Expedia found. The initial sorting you'll see is by car size. If you want to organize the results by the company offering them or their price, simply switch to the Preferred Vendor or Car Price view. By default, Expedia shows the car class, vendor and total price for each vehicle. If you want to expand the amount of information that's shown, press the Show link above the results.

Rental Cars

Like Expedia, this website allows you to find deals from multiple companies. Because it only takes a few minutes to search these sites, it's worth checking both. It's not uncommon for them to have different deals, so quickly looking at both will allow you to see which one has the cheapest car rental available. All you have to do to search this site is enter Boston as the location, choose the dates of your trip and then press the green Search Rental Cars button.

The next page will display all of the results that were found. While the cars are sorted by lowest to highest price, you can use the Sort drop-down menu to change the sorting order to Price High or by Company Name.

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