Cheap Car Rent Fort Lauderdale

Renting a car for a trip to Fort Lauderdale will make it easy for you to do as many different things as you want during your trip. Unlike paying for taxis, what's nice about choosing a rental car is it's only a one-time fee. If you want to secure a cheap rental, you should see what's available through:

Sunshine Rent a Car

This company is local to the Fort Lauderdale area. What makes this company so appealing is they use an advanced booking system that's designed to undercut their competitors. When larger companies in the area raise their rates, Sunshine will specifically drop theirs. They're also a popular choice for visitors to Fort Lauderdale because they offer current year vehicles and allow you to use your own insurance.

If you want to see how good their deals are, you can use the search tool on the right side of their site. Simply pick when you're going to pick-up and drop-off your vehicle. When the results are returned, you'll be able to see the lower prices they offer on vehicles like the Toyota Yaris, Corolla and Camry.


The advantage of using this site is you can compare rates from multiple companies with just one search. After you enter the dates of your trip to Fort Lauderdale, click the Go button so Expedia can begin pulling in all the deals that match your criteria. Every listing that the site finds will be compiled on a single page. In addition to sorting the results by price, you can also organize them based on the company offering them or the size of the car.

While price comparison sites can help you save time, there is one issue with many of them. To entice searchers to book, some of these sites will display prices that don't reflect the full cost of booking a car. Travelers are commonly disappointed to discover that they have to pay quite a bit more when they actually arrive and pick up their rental. Fortunately, because Expedia is more transparent with the prices they display, this won't be a problem you'll face.

Dollar Rent a Car

If you've ever rented from Dollar, you know that they regularly have very good deals. Some of the specials they offer that can save you even more money include:

  • Partner Specials: Dollar has specials with all the major airlines. If you've already booked a flight with United, American, Continental or Southwest Airlines, you'll be able to save money with one of Dollar's specials.
  • Special Deals: Dollar regularly offers a variety of different specials. From saving ten percent on cars in different regions to getting a mid-size SUV daily rate of less than $35, you'll likely find multiple appealing offers on this page.
  • Last Minute Deals: By signing up to receive emails from Dollar, you can be alerted when they have a limited offer that can save you a whole lot of money.

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