Cheap Car Rent Houston

Houston is a friendly city with a vibrant nightlife. Because of the way Houston is laid out, you'll want to have a car to use for transportation. Although you may assume that it's going to cost quite a bit to rent a car, there are several websites where you can find a cheap rental to book:


If you like being able to search directly through a rental car company's website, Avis is a good option to choose. The reason so many travelers choose to book directly through Avis is because they consistently offer appealing rates. If you visit their website, you will see many of these deals right away. In addition to checking out their latest deals, one of the best ways to save money with Avis is by actually paying when you book your vehicle. As you'll see from the prices that are displayed, they offer steep discounts to travelers who choose this option.

Vroom Vroom Vroom

The goal of this website is to eliminate any confusion or frustration from searching for a great deal on a rental car. If you're skeptical that a rental car comparison site can be dead simple to use, look at how easy it is to search through Vroom Vroom Vroom:

  • Enter where you're going to pick up your rental once you arrive in Houston
  • Select when you're going to get to Houston
  • Select when you're going to leave Houston
  • Indicate whether you're older or younger than twenty-five
  • Press the button that's labeled Search

While you can complete those steps in less than 60 seconds, that doesn't mean Vroom Vroom Vroom will only return a couple of choices. On the contrary, they do a great job of throughly searching for all the deals that are going to be available when you're in Houston. Vroom Vroom Vroom also provides multiple options for sorting and organizing the results they display.


In addition to discounted flights and hotels, CheapOair also offers cheap rental cars. To see what deals they have available, click the Cars tab and then enter Houston in the search box. If you plan to drop-off the car somewhere other than your pick-up location, you can click the corresponding link to enter that information. You can then select the dates when you'll be in Houston. Once you've selected both dates and times, click the orange Search button.

CheapOair's next page will display your wide variety of results. You will see results from nine different rental car companies that service the Houston area. You will also see prices on vehicles from economy cars all the way up to SUVs. By default, the results will be arranged in a matrix with the car types at the top and the companies on the left side of the matrix. While many searchers find this arrangement to be very useful, if you dislike it, you can change to a List View with just one click.

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