Cheap Car Rent Las Vegas

One important part of planning a trip to Las Vegas is booking a rental car. If you want to pay as little possible for your rental, take a look at what deals you can find through:

Rental Cars

When you do a search through this website, you will actually be able to see what deals are available from multiple rental car companies. Using this site to do a search is as easy as entering Las Vegas for the location, picking when you'll be there and then hitting the Search button. Once the website pulls in all the deals that are available, you'll be able to look at them on a single page. Not only will they all be listed on one page, but you'll be able to easily change how the listings are sorted by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.


This is another website that allows you to find deals from multiple rental companies with just one search. Since Expedia does the same type of search as Rental Cars, you may be wondering why it's a good idea to search both of them. The answer is since rental car prices change so frequently, you never know which site is going to track down the best deal. If it took a long time to search these sites, it would make sense to just pick one. But because they're both so easy to search, you should take advantage of both resources.

How easy is it to search Expedia? To begin, press the Car button in the search box. Enter Las Vegas into the PIck-Up box, as well as the dates of when you'll be there. Expedia gives you the option to specify what type of car you want. However, if you don't have a preference, you can leave this option alone and the site will show you all the options it finds. And that's it. Just hit Search, and Expedia will pull together all the results that match your criteria. You'll then be able to sort all of the results in any order that you want.


While price comparison websites can be very useful, some travelers prefer to search through a single company's website. If you fall into this category, Hertz is a good choice. They consistently offer low rates on their vehicles. In addition to their attractive rates, Hertz is also known for always offering a wide selection of specials. To get an idea of what you'll find if you go to their page of specials, you can look at some of the most frequent offerings:

  • If you're renting for a week or weekend, a common Hertz special is $35 off your rental total.
  • Many rental car companies add a large additional charge when a driver who's under 25 books a car. Because Hertz understands that a 22 year old driver can be just as responsible as one who's 26, they offer a coupon for $25 off.
  • If you book an Adrenaline Collection vehicle, you can save up to $50.

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