Cheap Car Rent Los Angeles

Many people assume that they have to use an online comparison tool if they want to find a cheap car rental in Los Angeles. While a comparison tool can be useful, it's also possible to find good deals directly from car rental companies' websites:


When you visit Enterprise's website, the first thing you will see is their rental car search. However, before you perform a search, you want to scroll down the page. At the bottom, you'll find a section labeled Deals and Programs. If you plan on visiting Los Angeles for the weekend, click the Weekend Car Rental Special. If you are going to need a rental car on a regular basis, you can sign up for coupons by clicking the Discounts and E-Coupons link. And if you plan on visiting Los Angeles for at least thirty days, click the Long Term Car Rental link to take advantage of those special offers.


You can see all of the deals Hertz currently has by clicking the Special Offers tab. Examples of specials that you can find on this page include:

  • Save $50 when you rent a vehicle from their Adrenaline collection
  • Get a free day of rental by signing up for their rewards program
  • Enjoy a free day of rental by booking for at least three days near a holiday
  • Take a daily $25 discount if you're between 20 and 24 years old
  • Save $35 on a weekend rental


This company is well known for offering deals that make it possible to take advantage of cheap car rent for Los Angeles. You can access these deals by clicking the Specials tab at the top of their website. On the next page, you can choose whether you will be renting on a weekday, weekend or weekly basis. You can then choose the type of car you want to rent. The available options range from a Hyundai Accent in the economy category to a Ford Edge in the standard SUV category.

Once you make your selection, Budget will display any available deals directly on that page. For example, renting a Hyundai Accent on a weekly basis can allow you to save up to 20% on your rental. Since this deal is displayed on the same page, if you don't like the option you see, it's easy to explore what else is available. For example, switching to a Ford Focus on a weekly basis provides a discount of $25. Another example is switching to a Dodge Avenger for a weekend rental. This provides a savings of $20.

What If You Can't Find Cheap Car Rent for Los Angeles?

Because car rental prices and specials change on a regular basis, there may be times when no good deals are being offered through the companies' websites. If this happens, your best bet is to use an online comparison site like Travelocity or Expedia. Although you may not get to use a coupon or discount code, you will be able to see exactly which car rental company is offering the lowest standard rate.

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