Cheap Car Rent NJ

Although MTV's hit show Jersey Shore has created a lot of negative stereotypes about New Jersey, it's actually a very nice place to visit. If you're planning a trip there, you can count on having an enjoyable time. Since you'll want to do quite a bit during your time in NJ, it will be useful to have a rental car. You can book a rental for cheap by visiting one of several websites:


What's great about Budget is because they're a little bit smaller than some of the other national rental car companies, they actually provide better customer service. If you book a car with Budget and encounter any problems, you can count on them to immediately help you. In addition to their quality customer service, they also offer a lot of great deals. The types of deals they offer include:

  • Daily Rentals: You can save 20% on an economy, compact or intermediate rental.
  • Weekend Rentals: You can get a free upgrade on an intermediate rental. You can also save $20 on a standard or full-size rental.
  • Weekly Rentals: Save $25 when you book a compact car for this amount of time.
  • Pay Now: When you pay for your rental online, you can save as much as 35%. What's really great about this special is it's actually much more convenient to pay online than waiting in person at a rental counter.


The most popular feature of this website is the ability to search multiple rental car companies at once. To see what several different companies are offering, you can select the Car button in the search box. After you put in NJ as your arrival destination, you can choose the dates you'll be on vacation. Once you pick the dates and hit the Search button, Orbitz will quickly take care of compiling all the deals that are available. You'll then be able to see all of these deals on a single page. Another unique feature of Orbitz is that they display all the results they find in a matrix.

The reason their matrix is such a useful feature is because it makes it easy to sort the deals they find in any way that you want. Whether you want to be able to sort by price, company or another detail, all it will take is one click.


This rental car company does an excellent job of offering quite a few attractive specials directly through their website. If you're going to be in NJ for a week, you can use their $30 off special for your rental. Even if your trip to NJ is going to be less than a week, you can still use their 20% off special. If you want to ensure you and your family have plenty of space to be comfortable, you'll like the SUV pricing specials they offer. And if you're just going to NJ for a quick weekend trip, you'll be able to take a full 30% off your rental total.

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