Cheap Car Rent NYC

Regardless of whether you're going for four days or two weeks, you will end up wishing you could stay longer in NYC. The reason is this city has so much to offer. While you probably can't extend your trip, you can make the most of every day that you have in NYC. Renting a car will ensure you are able to see and do as much as possible during your trip. The best way to get a rental car without paying a lot of money is by booking it online:

ACE Rent a Car

This company currently has over two hundred locations around the world. Because they're a big company but not a huge one, they are actually known for providing better customer service than some of the really large rental car companies. Not only are they committed to providing great customer service, but they also offer a wide range of deals through their website. If you visit their Specials page, you will see deals like saving 10% on any rental or a 15% discount on full size cars.


If you want the quickest way to find as many cheap car rental deals as possible, this is the website you want to use. Kayak makes it possible to aggregate results from multiple sources with just a single search. All you have to do to use this very useful site is:

  • Choose the Cars link on the homepage
  • Enter the dates of your NYC trip
  • One option that can make Kayak especially useful is simultaneously searching other comparison sites. You'll be given the option to search Travelocity, Priceline, CarRentals, Expedia and/or Hotwire.
  • Once you make your selections, Kayak will return all matching deals on a single page. If you choose one or more other comparison sites to search, those results will appear in a separate window.

While there's no denying how useful this site is, there's one part of it that some searchers find slightly confusing. For each result that's returned, it will have a large price in blue next to it. Although those prices are almost always very low, they're only the daily rates. The total price for each listing is the less noticeable number that is in gray. Even though the gray prices are still great, the larger blue ones can cause searchers to temporarily think they've found rentals that will just cost $20 for an entire week.


Online searchers commonly compliment Budget for having a very easy to use website. The only information you'll have to enter for your search is when you'll be in NYC. Because Budget has made the search process so simple, you can literally go to their website and have a list of available deals in less than a minute. In addition to their easy to use website, Budget has also earned a reputation for offering high quality rentals. One of the reasons customers are consistently pleased with the company's fleet is because they have a smoke-free policy that applies to every vehicle.

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