Cheap Car Rent San Diego

San Diego is a great city with beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Because there will be many different things you want to do during your time in San Diego, it will be useful to have a rental car. Thanks to the Internet, finding a cheap car to rent is very easy to do.

Work with a National Company

Many travelers like to rent their car from a national company. If this is how you feel, you can book a cheap rental through Dollar Rent a Car. Before you actually search their website, it's worth taking a minute to visit their Specials page. On this page, you will see deals like:

  • Save 5% on a compact car rental
  • Rent a minivan for just $49 a day
  • Earn triple points if you're flying to San Diego on American, Continental or United Airlines
  • Book a mid-size SUV for as low as $34 a day

If you see a deal you want to use, just click the More link next to it. This will take you to a search page where the deal's promo code has already been entered. All you'll have to do is enter the details of your trip to book that special offer.

Check What a Local Company Has to Offer

If you're interested in working with a local San Diego rental company, you can go to Pacific Rent a Car's website. Their website allows you to book a rental in five easy steps. Start by selecting your pickup and drop-off dates and times. You will also be able to select your age. The next page will display all of the vehicles that are available to rent. It's important to note that the results aren't sorted by price. As a result, you will want to scroll down the page to ensure you don't miss the best price that's available.

If you see a vehicle that you want to reserve, you can press the orange Select This Vehicle button. The next page will display the detailed pricing information for that vehicle. It will also allow you to choose if you want a navigation system, child car seat and/or collision damage waiver. If you select any of these options, the vehicle's price will automatically update. If you're still happy with the deal, click Reserve This Vehicle. Once you enter your information, you will be done and reach the confirmation page.

Search Multiple Companies at Once

If you just want an easy way to see as many good deals as possible, you should use Expedia to search. What makes Expedia such a useful website is although you only have to enter your trip information once, it will actually pull in deals from multiple rental car companies. Depending on the option you select, Expedia can search over a dozen rental companies at one time. Once all of the deals from these companies are returned to you, Expedia will make it very easy for you to sort through the page of results.

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