Cheap Rent a Car in Miami

Everybody has certainly heard about the beautiful beaches of Miami and the everlasting sunshine of Florida. For many years, American retirees have chosen Florida as their home, mainly because of the warm weather of the area. Moreover, Miami has become the heart of construction projects, international trade and entertainment; this has been evidenced by the many shows that are constantly filmed in the area, such as the popular Showtime series, Dexter. When it comes to seeing the city, your best bet is to find a reliable cheap rent a car in Miami because there is definitely a lot to see when you’re in town.

Arriving at the MIA

Perhaps you’re already aware that the Miami International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the entire country, and it serves as the major connecting point between the US and Latin America. The airport was first established in 1928 with only one hangar for Pan Am, and since then, it has been expanded numerous times; to give you an idea of how immense the Miami International Airport is, in 2009 their operations were based on a budget of $600 million. Obviously, with the massive flow of tourists that go through MIA, numerous car rental agencies have opened their own branches on the spot, in order to make it easier on the travelers. Furthermore, you can book your reservation with a cheap rent a car in Miami on the web, and then simply retrieve the vehicle once you land.

Tips to Obtain a Cheap Rental

Miami is the home of almost 6 million people and this number doesn’t seem to be decreasing any time soon. Certainly, there are times in the year when finding a cheap rent a car in Miami may be difficult due to the holidays but there are a few tips you can follow. Keeping in mind your own needs, such as number of travelers and budget, you may want to take the following helpful tips in consideration:

  • Browse through different rental agencies and compare prices – never book the first one without comparing to others
  • If you’re flying into MIA look into buying a package deal that includes the plane ticket and cheap rent a car in Miami
  • Choose the car that suits your needs and leave unnecessary accessories out
  • Book your reservation in advance

Renting vs. Public Transportation

Every time you travel to a city that is not your own, you encounter the dilemma of transportation: should you rent a car or take the bus? Certainly, some cities count with a completely reliable public transportation system, where buses and trains are always on time; however, Miami is such a large city, that it can take you quite a while to move around if you take the bus. While public transportation is significantly affordable in Miami, the time lapses between buses and trains are long and often unreliable. In contrast, if you book a cheap rent a car in Miami, you will be able to see downtown and visit Bayside on your own time and at your own pace.

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