Cheap Rent a Car in NYC

The beautiful NYC is one of the most popular cities in the entire globe and it’s definitely one of the most populated cities in the country. Looking back in history, the roots of the Big Apple can be traced to the early 1600s when the settlers arrived in the new land, and founded what was then known as New Amsterdam. Today, the city sees well over 50 million visitors every year, which is six times more than the number of people that actually reside within city limits. With so many people visiting the city, agencies that offercheap rent a car in NYC have become extremely popular because they offer an affordable and convenient way to tour NYC.

Comparing Prices Before Booking

Booking your reservation at any cheap rent a car in NYC should be done only after a careful review of the different options. It’s rather important that you check at least a handful of different agencies, just to avoid missing out on a good deal that can save you money. Moreover, whenever you are reviewing the fees, be sure to check the total amount of the rental because there are some unreliable agencies that often advertise one thing, and later decide to charge another. Laying out the different plans offered by at least three different cheap rent a car in NYC, will most likely give you the best deal possible.

Finding NYC Deals on the Web

There are different ways to book your reservation with any cheap rent a car in NYC; you can decide to take the phonebook and call many agencies, which will probably give you limited information. The truth is that nowadays, with the way technology has evolved, the best way to find a deal is to use the internet. For example you can access Hotwire, select “Car” in your search, and by simply selecting your travel dates, you will be given the best prices on cheap rent a car in NYC. In addition, there are numerous websites that have a high reputation due to their effectiveness at providing deals for cheap rent a car in NYC. Some of these sites are:

  • Kayak
  • Expedia
  • Trip Advisor
  • Independent Traveler
  • Travelocity
  • Priceline

Additional Tips to Save Money

Renting a car in NYC can sometimes be tricky because there are quite several agencies that take advantage of the popularity of the city, and therefore try to charge sky-high prices. Nevertheless, there are tips to help you save money whenever booking your reservation with your preferred cheap rent a car in NYC, such as:

  • Always read the fine print in search of hidden charges
  • Choose the cheapest insurance policy (the one that is mandatory)
  • Compare prices from at least three different agencies that offer cheap rent a car in NYC
  • Refuse to add accessories that you don’t need
  • Book a reservation with an agency located at the JFK Airport (in case you’re flying in)
  • Don’t buy gas from the agency, even if it offers you cheap rent a car in NYC - fill up the tank yourself before returning the car

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