Cheap Car Rent Florida

In addition to booking a flight and hotel for your trip to Florida, you don't want to forget to book a rental car. Having a rental vehicle will make it easy for you to get around during your trip. If you're not sure which company you should rent your car from, there are several quality choices available:


One of the most appealing features of Hertz is that they list a lot of attractive deals on their website. If you're curious what kind of deals you can find, ones they offer on a regular basis include:

  • Get $50 off any of their Adrenaline Collection vehicles
  • You can often enjoy a free day of rental if you book for at least three days during a major holiday
  • Sign up for their free rewards program and receive a free day of rental
  • Get $25 off any vehicle that you rent for a weekend
  • If you're under 25, Hertz has a special that will allow you to save $25


While you can search directly from the Enterprise homepage, if you want to find their cheapest deals for Florida, you should go to their deals page. You can reach this page by clicking the Deal and Programs link at the bottom of their homepage. If you're going to be in Florida for a weekend trip, use their Weekend Car Rental Special link to save money. For a long trip to Florida, you can save quite a bit by taking advantage of their Long Term Car Rental special. But even if you're not going for that long, you can still save money by seeing what they have to offer on their Discounts and E-Coupons page.


This company consistently offers very attractive specials for areas throughout Florida. Not only are their deals good, but they're easy to find. Simply use the site's navigation to go to the Specials page. Budget separates their deals into weekend, weekday and weekly categories. In addition to making this selection, you can also specify exactly what type of vehicle you want to book. After you pick both of the options that apply to your trip, Budget will display all of their corresponding specials.

If you indicated that you're going to Florida for at least a week and want to book an economy car, you'll see a special for 20% off. Another option you'll see is to save $25 if you rent a standard size car on a weekly basis.

How to Search Multiple Rental Car Company Offers at Once

Although you can find opportunities for cheap rentals by visiting these sites, you may want to see a wider selection on a single page. If this is the case, you should use a price comparison site like Kayak or Orbitz. When you visit any price comparison site, you'll simply enter the dates of your trip to Florida. The site will then pull in all the available deals from their database and display them in a way that's easy for you to sort.

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