Cheap Car Rent Phoenix AZ

If you're planning a trip to Phoenix, you'll want to book a rental car. Being able to use a rental car during your time in Phoenix will make it very easy for you to get around and experience everything the city has to offer. If you're worried that renting a car is going to be expensive, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the cheap deals that are available through these websites:

Rent a Car Phoenix

You can't search this company's inventory online. Instead, you have to call and handle your reservation over the phone. Because booking over the phone requires a little more effort than doing it online, you may be wondering why you would want to do business with this local company. The answer is because they offer very attractive rates and policies. If you book through this company, you may be able to book a rental for as little as $130 for an entire week.

In addition to their cheap prices, this company's policies appeal to most travelers. For one, they don't charge any airport taxes. If you've ever rented a car from an airport, you know that these taxes can significantly increase how much your rental costs. They also have a wide selection of comfortable vehicles that include Expeditions, Explorers and even Escalades. If you're under the age of 25, Rent a Car Phoenix will still be happy to do business with you. And if you're thinking about using part of your trip to Phoenix to visit Mexico, this company is more than happy to let you drive one of their cars across the border.


While there are several good reasons to like Rent a Car Phoenix, you may be more comfortable working with a national company. If this is the case, you can easily search Enterprise's available deals online. Once you enter your pick up location on their homepage, you can select the dates for your trip. You'll then be able to pick whether you want Enterprise to show you all of their available deals or only ones from a specific vehicle class. You can then press the orange Search button to see what they have to offer.

The next page will show you exactly what Enterprise deals are available. For each vehicle they list, you will be able to see its:

  • Class
  • Model
  • Daily price
  • Total price

If you're interested in seeing even more information, you can click the See Details link below the total price. If you find a vehicle you want to book, click the select button on the right side of the listing to reserve it for your trip to Phoenix.


If you know you want to rent from a national company but care more about finding the cheapest price than working with a specific company, you can quickly find which one is offering the best deal by using this website. Instead of needing to search individual company websites, you can do a single search and get all the deals from multiple companies displayed on a single page.

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