Cheap Car Rent Seattle

If you're planning a trip to Seattle and want to book a cheap rental car, you can use any of these websites to find a great deal:


What's nice about using this website is it can search multiple car rental companies. Because all the deals Expedia finds will be displayed on a single page, you won't have to spend time bouncing from one site to the next. Instead, you can start your comparison search by selecting the Car radio button. You can then enter Seattle in the first blank, as well as choosing the date and time you will arrive in Seattle to start your trip. You can then do the same for when your trip will be coming to an end.

If there's a specific type of car you want to rent, you can choose it from the first drop-down box. The second drop-down box allows you to pick what companies you want to search. By default, this box is set to Preferred Vendors. While this setting will search multiple companies, if you want to search the widest selection possible, you should change this box to All Vendors. Once you've made all your selections, you can press the Search for Cars button. This will take you to a page with all the results that match your criteria.


While Alamo is a fairly large rental company, they are known for providing quality customer service and appealing rates for their rentals. Before you even search, you will be able to see many of Alamo's specials directly on their homepage. The types of specials they offer include:

  • If you're going to Seattle for a week, you can save $25 on your rental.
  • You can take $20 off your total rental cost if you book one for a weekend in Seattle.
  • If you pay for your rental online, you can save 10%. What's really appealing about this special is it can be used in conjunction with another one of Alamo's offers.

When you look at the list of specials, if you see one that appeals to you, simply click its link. This will take you to a page that shows the details for the special and has a button to book it. If you use this button, it will automatically add the necessary deal details to the search box you will use.

Rental Cars

Like Expedia, Rental Cars allows you to find deals from multiple companies with just one search. If you're curious why you would want to use two comparison sites to find a cheap Seattle rental car, the answer is rental prices change all the time. As a result, there's no way to know with complete certainty which site is going to pull in the cheapest deal. Since it's so easy to search these sites, it's in your best interest to check both. To see exactly what Rental Cars has to offer, just enter the dates of your trip to Seattle, and the site will take care of gathering all the results for you.

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